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Are you looking to invest in fusion and not sure where to start?

Are you wanting to expand your operations into the fusion energy space?

Are you trying to transition your business to clean energy?

Are you interested in progressing your career towards clean energy and fusion?

Or are you in the fusion sector thinking about commercialisation and partnerships?

Fusion Energy Insights can help you keep one step ahead.

Fusion is coming, and when it does it will transform the energy landscape.

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Your Challenge

Time - There are lots of news sources: how do you keep on top of it all? And what's really important?

Trust - Everybody has an agenda. Who do you trust?

Tracking - The fusion picture is evolving fast. How do you keep track of the changes?

Our Solution

We keep you up to date week by week, and provide expert insight from industry insiders so you know what matters.

We believe in the promise of fusion, but we are independent and agnostic over approach. We report the facts. But we also know fusion inside-out.

The Quarterly is a reference to look back on, showing the key developments in a given period.

Members get to:

  • Discover and track key developments in fusion via our Fusion Energy Insights Quarterly publication, which provides a thorough and evolving overview of the industry

  • Understand some of the key challenges on the path to commercial fusion through our live expert Insights Q&As (plus get pdf summaries and replays on demand)

  • Make connections with others in the industry through virtual networking and our members group

  • Spot trends and opportunities in fusion by being plugged into this fusion information hub

  • About Us

    We are a network of energy game-changers with a vision of the world with abundant clean energy. For everyone.

    We provide industry intelligence, insights and bespoke information via our membership and Fusion Advisory Services.

    Fusion Energy Insights is supported by a global advisory board made up of experts from oil & gas, investments, electric utilities and fusion.

    Our mission is to cut through the noise and bring the latest fusion insights, news and opinion into one place so you can be one step ahead.

    About Us
    Melanie Windridge leading the fusion energy panel at Falling Walls Summit in Berlin 2022

    Partnerships, Collaborations & Advisory Roles

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    What kind of world do you want?

  • Fusion has the potential to provide long-term energy security and sustainability globally. It will enable us to maintain net zero, however we get there.

  • Fusion produces no greenhouse gases and no long-lived radioactive waste.

  • Nuclear fusion has the highest energy density of any fuel*, which means that you get a lot of energy from only a small amount of fuel. Therefore the fuels are almost limitless.

  • Fusion companies are mostly focused on generating electricity as a reliable, always-available complement to renewables. But nuclear fusion could also provide heat for industrial processes, be used to generate hydrogen or synthetic fuels, power desalination plants or be used for propulsion (including space exploration). 

  • Fusion will change the world. The industrial revolution was kickstarted by the harnessing of fossil fuel energy - a 1000x step-up from animal power. Fusion will 1,000,000x that again. Imagine what will be made possible. 

  • intelligent debate - interactive Q&A - thought leaders - discussion - expert speakers



    unsure about the challenges and opportunities on the pathway to commercial fusion energy

    ignorant of how you or your business fits into the evolving fusion picture

    concerned about climate change but feeling powerless

    concerned about how to transition your career as energy completely changes

    rushed off your feet trying to find relevant info about a complex new energy source via Google 


    facing the challenges alone


    educated and informed about the developing fusion landscape

    clear on where you or your business fits and where the opportunities are

    feeling confident and proud of the action you’re taking 

    the go-to fusion person in your company, the trusted expert 

    calmer now that the relevant info is delivered directly to you 


    in control

    connected and supported

    Your Questions Answered

    What makes Fusion Energy Insights special? (click to expand) ⬇

    Fusion Energy Insights is targeted on getting the right information to the right people - you - so that you can benefit from it. So you can make decisions that will grow your business (whilst also driving the commercialisation of fusion and the energy transition). The aim is to keep the growing community informed, and networking and partnering with each other, so that everyone can see opportunities arising

    How is it better or different than other things out there? ⬇

    Fusion Energy Insights is part of an ecosystem of people and organisations with similar goals. We are changing the world. There's plenty of information on fusion out there that you can get for free, but it’s not targeted at businesses or professionals interested in fusion commercialisation and opportunities arising. Do you have time to trudge through the whole of the internet to find what you need? And do you even know what you might need to know? We want to make your life easier. Sign up for the free newsletter and get free insights on our blog. Talk to us about our advisory services for bespoke insights. Or get deeper dives as part of our membership where we'll be updating you on global activity, investment, policy, science, news, events and insider perspectives in our Fusion Energy Insights Quarterly magazine, picking out key topics for discussion in our expert Q&As and providing key insights on those topics.

    For companies considering Corporate Membership, how is Fusion Energy Insights different to the Fusion Industry Association (FIA)? ⬇

    FIA is a lobbying organisation representing company interests within the industry and advocating for supportive policy for fusion. They also have a free newsletter and share news on their website. Membership of the FIA is a seat at the table with the private fusion community.

    FEI is an independent information organisation. Our main aim is to keep you up to date with developments in fusion and to comment on the significance of activity in the industry. For members we pull together all the most important developments into one place - The Fusion Energy Insights Quarterly magazine - making it easier, and more efficient, for you to keep up. Deep-dive expert Q&As enhance your understanding of commercialisation issues. Members have the opportunity to feature in the Quarterly, blogs and on social media, showcasing your part in the industry to potential customers or collaborators.

    Read what Fred Beranek of EPC firm Fluor has to say about how membership of Fusion Energy Insights complements that of the FIA.

    How would you benefit from Fusion Energy Insights membership? ⬇

    There are two elements to the membership. One is the insights and keeping up to date with developments in fusion. The other is networking and partnerships. Members of Fusion Energy Insights are intent on making a difference in the world. We have a huge challenge ahead of us - transitioning energy, meeting climate goals. We believe that fusion energy will, and indeed needs to, play a key role in a sustainable future. So we're building a community where we have this same vision and where collectively we have the power to move towards it. We are growing the ecosystem for fusion and driving the world closer to a fusion energy future. You can be part of this. But there's also benefit to being at the forefront - personal, professional and financial. Fusion is the next great energy revolution. Join now.

    Fusion energy is coming.

    The fusion industry is growing.

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